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Born to be Different - Channel 4

Multi-award winning flagship documentary series following six families coming to terms with the birth of a disabled child in the first years of life. Channel 4’s longest bio-pic series.

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Review Born to be Different

“Sensitive, commendably unsentimental and valuable.”

Daily Telegraph


“Impossibly affecting, unflinching. Not just raw pain but shot through with a steely seam of the darkest humour.” Guardian


“Easily the best thing on television this year was Born to be Different… I’m sure they all have their bad days but this series very movingly presents them at their very best.”

The Independent


“To say that this show is heart-wrenching would be an understatement of huge proportions...This is a tough view but stick with it as it is rewarding nonetheless.”

Time Out


“Their matter of fact courage and love is humbling..a milestone.”

The Times


“The sort of programme that justifies the remit of Channel 4”

Mark Thompson 3 Former Controller

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