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I have made documentaries and worked in television for nearly two decades for all the major broadcasters in

the U.K. and have won several awards. Since my Royal Television Society nominated debut, “Caravan

Kids” about new age travellers and the Criminal Justice Act much of my work has concerned children and

social justice. Please note, because of the sensitive nature of the subjects several are not available online.


Film & TV

As well as publishing children's novels,  I have made award-winning documentaries for BBC and Channel 4.


These include, Children of Helen House about the pioneering children’s hospice in Oxford. Born to be Different, Channel 4′s ground-breaking series following the lives of children born with disabilities in the 21st century and Behind the Crime where criminals reveal how they committed their crimes.


Other programmes include Raised by the State on growing up in care and Worst Jobs in History.

Please note, because of the sensitivity of some of the material,

 online versions are not available.


For more information, please contact me here

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