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The War of Independence 1920-22

Football mad, twelve- year- old Dan is a trusted messenger for Ireland’s rebel leader, Michael Collins. He promises his cousin Molly to never fire a gun, but after the dramatic events of “Bloody Sunday” in Croke Park, he is pulled deeper into the struggle.


Hunted by a vengeful Intelligence Officer, Molly and Dan are forced to flee Dublin. But unknown to Dan, he holds the key to a deadly plot. And his enemy will stop at nothing to track him down. On the run, they meet Flying Columns and narrowly escape death. But as Cork burns can Dan continue to outrun his enemy? Gripping children's historical fiction set in 1920's Irish War of Independence. 

November  9 - December 4

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Also available as Deadly Shot: Dan's Diary

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“Living in interesting times . . .Patricia Murphy follows her acclaimed 1916 children's book Molly's Diary, with an exciting tale of Dan, ace at playing keep-uppy, who ends up a messenger for Michael Collins, pursued across the country by mysterious spies and secret agents.” 

Stephen Meyler RTE Guide

Dans Diary Review
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