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Children of Helen House - BBC 2
Winner RTS documentary series award

Groundbreaking observational documentary series filmed over one year in a children’s hospice.

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Review Helen House

“If there is one programme you’ll still be remembering for years to come, it will surely be
“The Children of Helen House”...”

Daily Mail

“pioneering…packs more of a punch of humanity into an hour than most television manages in a year…

The Daily Telegraph

The Children of Helen House re- imagines the notion of fly-on-the-wall television as something wholly more noble. There are no villains, no backbiting, no fake embarrassment and no contrived endings.”

Sunday Times

“Stories of ordinary people's endurance, nobility and pain are sensitively and elegantly told.”

The Guardian

“What could be mawkish, obtrusive or simply grotesque is transformed by both dignity and
practicality facing up to the inevitable. Death be not proud.”

Financial Times

“Responsible television that resonates long after the broadcast.”
The Observer

“I promise you this. It will lift your spirits.”

Jeremy Clarkson in the Sun

“truly humbling, an example of British documentary making at its best…”

Stephen Fry, The Guardian

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