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It's 1943 and young Leo tries to protect his disabled sister Ruby as the Nazis invade Italy. After his mother is arrested, he turns to Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty to save them. But he is no ordinary priest. Known as 'The Pimpernel of the Vatican', he is the legendary organiser of the Rome Escape Line. Soon Leo is helping out with the secret network dedicated to saving lives of escaped prisoners. Bust as the sinister Nazi leader Kappler closes in, can Leo stay out of his evil clutches?

Minimac Reviews

“Let us all read more books like these to prevent the likes of Spitler and Muscle-Weeny from ever leading the masses again.” 

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“The best book I have recently read. It is written from a child’s perspective and the story is really touching. This man was a true hero. In an age of made-up superheroes, reading about the real deal is refreshing.” 

Nora Twomey, Oscar nominated Director
The Breadwinner in Irish Examiner

Leo's War Reviews
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