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The Blonde Bookworm


I was looking forward to checking out the new blog spot run by a self-confessed Blonde bookworm. But before I checked out my new post I looked in on Books In the Hall from yesterday.

Marrianne and Judy from Goddessfish, the guardian angels of the blog tour advised checking back on post and thanking the hosts. It's good blogging ettiquette. (note to self: must ask why they are called goddessfish)

And I got a pleasant surprise! I was no longer Billy no-mates in cyberspace. Ten people had dropped by to add comments. All of them really positive and supportive. One commented on how it was a great way to learn about a bloody period of history. Another how it sounds like it would be of interest to boys - ever the reluctant readers. One even wanted to drop by my house at Halloween (not because she's a witch or anything. Just because I dole out candy and money.) See, interesting questions from people of wonderful taste and discernment. My new best friends.

The rafflecopter showed at 10 a. m. had 133 sign ups to win $20 amazon/barnes and noble gift voucher. So that amount of people stopped by. Maybe some of them are the people who only ever turn up for the free canapés. But so what. At least they turned up to mine! Something might snag in their memory next time they need to buy a present for their tricky nephew with the sullen expression and unhealthy interest in gansta rap. Or their precocious ten year old niece who subscribes to Time magazine.(or anyone else in between - it has broad appeal - I promise!)

Then over at Unabridged Andra's there were another bunch of really cool people showing up to make nice comments, tweet the post and be generally all round good eggs. The site looks smart and sweet. Andra makes a great job of the layout and it worked very well for my imaginary Q and A with my granddad on whom the character of Dan is based. One visitor asked me a great question - to name three albums that have changed me. I was so grateful I wrote an essay. Well not really. But I was very enthusiastic that someone wanted to find out more about me. (the short answer - Nevermind by Nirvana ; Seldom Seen Kid - Elbow; Dead Cities - Future Sounds of London) Thanks Mai T.

So - I'm enjoying this more than I thought. It does take a bit of work to write all the posts. But I'm a writer, so I can't complain. It's what I do. But I am getting to hang out with a bunch of really nice people who are readers. Potentially even my readers. And the raffelcopter now stands at 198! Thanks Andra. Tomorrow its Long and Short Reviews! :


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