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The Long and the Short of it

So, its day three of my blog tour and already a bit of fatigue is setting in. If I was in a rock group, we'd be throwing peanuts at each other in the back of the bus. Or if a movie star, I'd be keeping the world's assembled press late while I tweeted my breakup with my boyfriend. But it's only me in my kitchen making coffee and pootering around with my new diable ceramic cooking pot. La la. Shall I check the rafflecopter again? Hmm 242. The odds are lengthening on bagging that highly desirable $20 voucher for Amazon/Barnes and Noble. That's less chance than winning the Grand National. But then you don't have to train or ride horses or anything. Just read my blog and click on a box. You could even scroll down and ignore all the blah blah if you are a rafflecopter junkie(I'm the dealer and I feel your pain). I'm not saying you can't read - only I understand if you have to cut to the chase to get your fix. But once you've clicked, I hope you at least run your eye over the blog in your post rafflecopter rush.

But at least I know I have one reader of this blog! Marianne from Goddessfish got back to me with an explanation of where the name of their promotions company comes from. It's a lovely meeting of nicknames. Marianne is the Fish and Judy is the Goddess. You can read the full explanation here

It could also be a kind of gnomic zen statment of what a blog tour is all about - Me and other authors being the goddess and being told by the Sensei(Marianne and Judy) to go fish. You have to imagine saying it in a Japanese accent. Being online is after all a bit like fishing for readers. Though on reflection I'm not sure most authors are godlike. They are usually crumpled and cranky. Unless they are JK Rowling who really is a deity and she even does all her own tweets. Hmm. I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Let's stick with the cute nickname.

Back in the Long and the Short Review after a slow start, things are hotting up. I now have seven comments. Though three of them are from me. Victoria(a woman of discernment) loves my book promo

And Mai T, my new best friend, dropped by to ask me another great quirky question. What is my most bizarre talent? As I was just pootering around the kitchen at the time making a cup of coffee and roasting chestnuts, I immediately launched into another fulsome reply . To summarise - my uncanny knack in discovering design faults in electronics and technology. Warbling Irish songs with interminable verses and being a gadget queen with a taste for obscure cookware. In fact I was humming an Irish song when the chestnuts began to burn in the diable, so I accidentally posted the reply twice, even though its got a filter for that. A neat demonstation of all my talents at once - n'est pas! I think I should get out more - IRL.

As it is, I'm currently disappearing into my own wormhole as I blog about being on a blog tour. The internet will eat itself. But hey - tomorrow, I'm hanging out with Romorror Girl. A girl who loves horror and romance. Now that's going to be interesting. Leave your light sabres at the door!


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